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On the Sorbs' traces in Bautzen
Sorbian National Ensemble

Built in 1867 as the "Bürgergarten" restaurant, the building has been the headquarters of the Sorbian National Ensemble Bautzen since 1952.

The building at the end of the town bridge “Friedensbrücke” was built in 1867 as a restaurant "Bürgergarten". This was one of the most important meeting places for the citizens of Bautzen. It has been home to the Sorbian National Ensemble of Bautzen since 1952. Part of this is the Röhrscheidtbastei, which is also known as the Fischerbastei. In 1496 the bastion was built to protect the fishermen's gate. In case of an attack it served as a defence tower for the fishermen living along the river Spree. From 1952 the round tower was used as a traditional costume fund of the Sorbian National Ensemble. In the remaining parts of the building complex there are an event hall, rehearsal rooms for ballet, choir and orchestra as well as the administration of the cultural institution. Mehr

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