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On the Sorbs' traces in Bautzen
Birthplace Handrij Zejler

This is the birthplace of Handrij Zejler, the "ancestor of Sorbian poetry". He has written the text of the Sorbian national anthem.

The birthplace of the Sorbian national poet Handrij Zejler still stands at the corner of Salzenforster Straße / Handrij-Zejler-Straße in Salzenforst. The son of a well builder he is considered the ancestor of Sorbian poetry. After his school education in Bautzen he studied at the University of Leipzig. As editor of the handwritten „Sorbian newspaper“(Serska Nowina), the newspaper of the Students' Association Sorabija in Leipzig, he published not only folkloric collected results but also his own poems. Among them was the poem "Auf die sorbische Lausitz", which later became the Sorbian national anthem. After his study he worked first as a clergyman at different places in the Lusatia. In 1835 he got his job as a priest in Lohsa, where he died in 1872. Mehr

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