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On the Sorbs' traces in Bautzen
House of Agriculture

At this place the Sorbe Ernst Bart from Uhyst had a backery, which also served as hideout for Sorbian anti-fascists.

The name of the former dead-end village Gosczic or Goschicz can still be derived from the name of the street. It was incorporated by the town in 1359. The name Goschwitzstraße was first given to the road in the 18th century. The traces of the Sorbian history of this quarter can still be seen today at the house of Goschwitzstraße 9. The lettering "Haus der Landwirtschaft" is written in weathered letters. This building was once the mill bakery of Ernst Bart from Uhyst / Spree. Until the deportation the regular customers of the bakery consisted mainly of Jewish citizens. Georg Melzer and Jan Ernst Holan also visited the shop regularly. Jan Skala and many other Sorbs came to the shop so as a result the shop developed into an important news centre. Sorbian antifascists met every Saturday in the back rooms, among them many sympathisers of the Domowina movement. Mehr

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