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Sorbian institutions in Bautzen
Domowina Publishing House

Domowina Publishing House is the publisher of Sorbian titles on the book market. In addition to classic publications, new media are also released.

The seat of the Domowina Publishing House is a place of building and local historical importance. It was founded in the middle of the 20th century. Until 1990, the publishing house was a state-owned business of the GDR. With the director Martin Benad, 2,400 titles were published in German and Sorbian. One of them was the newspaper "Nowa Doba", which is still published with the title "Serbske Nowiny". Since 1993, the Foundation for the Sorbian People has been the sole shareholder. As a Sorbian publishing house it is responsible for the development, publication and distribution of Sorbian contents of all genres. In addition to the evening newspaper "Serbske Nowiny", the publishing house also publishes other newspapers and magazines. The publishing house now also publishes media for electronic devices. Mehr

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