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Sorbian institutions in Bautzen
The German-Sorbian National Theatre

This is the central building of the German-Sorbian National Theater in Bautzen. It is the only bilingual professional playhouse in Germany.

The German-Sorbian National Theatre is the only professional bilingual theatre in Germany. After the demolition of the old Bautzen Municipal Theatre in 1969, it has been built between 1973 and 1975. The beginnings of Bautzen's theatre tradition go back to the 15th century. At that time, theatre spectacles could be experienced on the market square. The German-Sorbian National Theatre was created from the merging of the Bautzen City Theatre, founded in 1796 with the Sorbian National Theatre in 1963. The Sorbian National Theatre was located at the Schülertor. The theatre did not have a performance room in its premises. It therefore offered guest performances in various inns to show its productions. The German-Sorbian National Theater is still home to the Sorbian Children's and Youth Theatre, which is the first stage for numerous Sorbian professional actors. After the last renovation in 2006, the German-Sorbian National Theatre was given its final form with a stage tower. Mehr

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