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Traces of Sorbian history in Bautzen
Wendish Quarter

The name Wendisches Quarter is an indication of the Slavic roots of the city. The Wendish Tower is the last witness of the local city gate.

With the name "Wendish Quarter" for the streets around the Wendish Tower, the Slavic roots of the city of Bautzen are indicated. Until the middle of the 10th century many Slavs lived in the buildings around today's castle Ortenburg. Because of the German occupation of the castle, they had to leave it and settled for the time being on today's streets known as" Wendische Straße and Schülerstraße". It was not possible to establish a complete Slavic settlement in the town of Bautzen after the 11th century due to the arrival of more and more German settlers. To protect the Wendish Quarter, the Wendish Tower with its gate was erected in the 15th century. The streetscape of the Wendish Quarter is still characterised by lovingly restored buildings in the baroque style. Mehr

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