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On the Sorbs' traces in Bautzen
The Castle Theatre

The Castle Theatre is the 2nd location of the German-Sorbian National Theater Bautzen, which is used for smaller performances.

The impressive theatre, with its striking glass façade, was completed in 2003 on the site of the former granary. Among other things, the modern building is home to the bilingual "Puppet Theatre" section of the German-Sorbian National Theatre Bautzen. Stagings of the "small form", performances by young artists as well as various readings, concerts and other events regularly take place on one of the stages. The figures of the “ Rietschel gable” are set in scene behind the glass façade overlooking the courtyard. The pediment once adorned the Municipal Theatre. During the regularly performed light, music and sound installation "DIE kleine ORESTIE", Rietschel's figures can be experienced in multimedia form. Mehr

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