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On the Sorbs' traces in Bautzen
The Castle Ortenburg

Almost completely surrounded by the Spree, Ortenburg is located high above the Spree valley. Discover the Castle with Sorbian Museum and Burgtheater.

The Ortenburg is enthroned on a granite plateau high above the river Spree. It was inhabited as early as the 7th century by the Milčenjo, a tribe of Slavic settlers. Almost completely surrounded by the river Spree, this was exactly the right place for a fortified castle with a natural moat, the Spree valley. After the turn of the millennium, the Ortenburg was rebuilt by Matthias Corvinius after its almost complete destruction. Its today's appearance was not completed until the 21st century. The late Gothic main building is today home to the Saxon Higher Administrative Court. The Salt House, which was built as a magazine, is today the seat of the Sorbian Museum, in which the Sorbian culture and history can be discovered. Opposite the museum is the theatre Burgtheater, completed in 2005. Behind the impressive glass façade is the Rietschelgiebel, which once adorned the Dresden Court Theatre and the Bautzen City Theatre. During the summer months the court of the castle Ortenburg is the unique stage for the Bautzen Summer Theatre and the international folklore festival "Łužica" which takes place every two years. Mehr

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