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On the Sorbs' traces in Bautzen
St. Nicholas Cemetery

There is only one ruin left which reminds of the Nikolaikirche. On the cemetery of St. Nicholas numerous famous Sorbian personalities are buried.

Behind the tower of St. Nicholas in Bautzen there is the cemetery of St. Nicholas. The ruins of the St. Nicholas Church, built in the 15th century, can still be seen here today. The village communities used it as a parochial church. During the Thirty Years' War the sacral building was completely destroyed and the Sorbian parish of Bautzen found a new home in the church of Our Lady. In the mid-18th century the inside of the ruin was used as a cemetery where several bishops` graves can still be found on the remaining wall fragments of the chapel. Numerous Sorbian personalities were buried there. The completely renovated battlements between the church and the city wall are still particularly worth seeing today. You have a wonderful view of the valley of the river Spree, the Protschenberg and the part of Bautzen Seidau. Mehr

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