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On the Sorbs' traces in Bautzen
St. Peter's Cathedral

St. Peter's Cathedral is the oldest place of worship in Upper Lusatia. The Sorbian-German simultaneous church is the largest of its kind in the world.

At the highest point of the city area of Bautzen, the meat market, St. Peter's Cathedral is situated. This is one of the oldest and largest simultaneous churches in Germany. With its origins in the 10th century, the meat market is one of the oldest church locations in Upper Lusatia. In the 15th century the cathedral received its present appearance. The baroque dome of the church tower was completed in the 17th century. Since the reformation the church has been used by both Roman Catholic and Protestant-Lutheran people. Throughout the history the interior of the sacred building has been restored and rebuilt. Today Sorbian services and weddings are regularly held in the church. St. Peter´s Cathedral is also used culturally. A large number of concerts with Sorbian and German concert literature as well as oratorio performances are performed here. On Easter Sunday the return of the Bautzen Easter riders from Radibor can be experienced. Mehr

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