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On the Sorbs' traces in Bautzen
Bautzen Municipal Theatre

This was the location of the first Bautzen Municipal Theatre, which was replaced by other theatre buildings.

The Theatre lane between the Kornmarktcenter and Reichenstraße is the last indication of the Bautzen Municipal Theatre. The former municipal theatre was completed in 1796 on the site of today's Kornmarktcenter. A rebuilt bastion of the inner city wall was converted into a theatre according to the designs of the Saxon court painter. During the years many other rebuilds followed. In 1905 the building was converted into a small "castle theatre" with about 655 seats. At the same time, the "Rietschelgiebel" (Rietschel Gable) was installed on the building. It once adorned the Dresden Court Theatre and is a donation from the city of Dresden. In 1948, the first Sorbian professional stage developed out of a lay movement. It only had administration and rehearsal rooms in the building itself. The Sorbian theatre showed its productions mainly in traditional inns in Upper Lusatia. The first bilingual professional theatre in Germany was festively founded here in 1963. The historically important theatre building was blown up in 1969 due to a lack of technical requirements. Mehr

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